About KautzCraft

KautzCraft Studio is physically located in Frisco, Texas USA, a vibrant community just north of well-known Dallas, Texas, USA.

I am Dan Kautz, the one-person artist/craftsman who takes my designs from conception to finish. I think my methods of creation contain a small part of my artistic spirit, making them a desired possession.

My studio is equipped for quality low volume production of small lost wax castings and the detailed finishing of my product. KautzCraft is not a high-volume production studio.

KautzCraft Studio currently specializes is the molten silver casting process known as “Lost Wax Casting”. The wax masters are created then used (only one time) to create molds for casting the designs in silver. The wax master used for the casting is burned away and lost forever in the process. The mold is destroyed extracting the casting. All that remains is the cast part.

Some of these items are 100% free hand carved in wax while the more finely detailed are very finely machined in wax with 3 or 4 axis CNC mill.

KautzCraft Studio also has ways of preserving designs using wax injection to create duplicate wax masters.

In lost wax, making the wax master is the primary skill required. There are many more processing and important finishing skills, but the wax master is the most critical.

Most of my casting is in silver, but the process works with gold and many base metals. There is a list here in

the Blog website.

The Wax Carving Process

I use hand carving with great success. There is a lot of effort and fun in total hand carving and the results will always have a bit of variation and the special organic hand carved appearance. This is a good thing, so I hand carve because I want to include a little of that custom-made look. There are many techniques for making excellent hand carved wax masters. Wax carving by hand can be additive as well as a subtractive process. Using heated tools for repairs and building-up small wax details is a common process. Hand carving and its many variations produces excellent results. A creative process I enjoy for my organic designs.

I have perfected CAD/CAM skills for producing my detailed wax carvings. Computer control provides exact carving movement down to one thousandth of an inch (0.001″), This is the best method for producing very detailed and precision wax masters.  Dimensional wax CNC micro-machining is the standard commercial process for producing detailed wax masters.

There is more critical up-front creative effort in perfecting a precision drawing for CAD/CAM than in freehand carving. Freehand is a more “go with the flow” creative process. I enjoy the creative and exacting detailed up-front drafting process of CAD/CAM. Machine tools don’t think for themselves, they simply follow directions perfectly. So, the up-front design must be perfect.

Results are what is important. I hope you see something here you like. What you find here are the products of love and effort, offered for sale. My motto is, “Doing what I love for those who love what I do.”