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The OTHER KautzCraft Studio Blog

KautzCraft Studio Blog
KautzCraft Studio Blog

This website blog is not the first edition of the Kautzcraft Studio Blog Here is the URL Link to the original –

The intention for that blogsite is to communicate on the activities and projects within my work studio. I naturally talk occasionally about the store. Especially before this blog existed.  But this location and blog is primarily for posting store activities.

That’s my plan at the moment. Always subject to my fooling around with the details. 

I like using the special TLD (Top Level Domain) “studio” for the workshop blog.  Gave some thought to using it rather than “com” (also a TLD) for the store website URL.  But “com” does mean “commercial” or business which is appropriate for the store site. 

Not going to mess with that rational for the time being. Ha!

So, there appears to be two KautzCraft Studio blogs and there is. One for the studio and one for the store. If that gets too messy, I’ll change it.

Thought I should try to explain, if only to keep my own purpose clear in MY mind.


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Another Beginning

This web store has been reincarnated several times. I have tried at least four ecommerce software packages. Most of them far more professional than I need. My Ramblin Dan’s Store has been operational on ZenCart for a decade. It’s been running in the AWS cloud.

KautzCraft Store has been much more experimental. The Last package was PrestaShop. It ran off on a tangent and wouldn’t let me make edits or update the software. I suspect some update changes I made in the PHP package on the webserver didn’t agree with its needs.

The software in use here right now is WordPress and WooCommerce.  The totally new install went very well and so did loading in the products and all the other setup. I think it is fully functional at this point.

There is a lot more I want to add and change and will always be “tweaking” things. So, it will be a work-in-progress. It one of those projects that is not ever really “done”.

My other store websites made it very difficult to add custom pages and especially blogs. WordPress is a blogging software so no problem. Pages are also easy. I am going to like this setup.

KautzCraft Studio is a functional business but small scale. Something a retired craftsperson can handle. I think this new overhaul is just the fix I need.

Site registration is possible when placing an initial order. Registration for any other reason is nonproductive. I don’t do direct marketing. Registration is optional and helps track your orders

There is a lot of privacy legal mumbo-jumbo now required on websites. You will see some posted here. Be assured I have no use or time for prying into your private browsing habits. Just enough so I can deliver what you purchase. No credit information is ever stored in the KautzCraft servers.

Thanks for visiting and reading this post! 🙂